Our latest issue features new critical writing from Elissa Zollinger and Adam Tuchinsky, as well as brief summaries of recent unpublished novels found in Rare Books and Manuscripts at the Small Collection at the University of Virginia, plus the announcement of a forthcoming biography of Oakes Smith's son, Appleton Oaksmith, by Jon White.  

In this issue, we record Oakes Smith's appearance at two separate panels at ALA (San Francisco), along with the work of several graduate students generating excellent research on Oakes Smith's work at Northeastern Illinois University.  One of the papers at the EOS Society's organized panel, "New Scenes in the Re-emergence of Elizabeth Oakes Smith," was delivered by one of these students, detailing her discovery of what is probably Oakes Smith's earliest piece of short fiction, "The Black Fortune-Teller" (1831).  

In this issue, we announce Caroline Woidat's new edition of The Western Captive, papers on Oakes Smith at SSAWW, a new image of Oakes Smith discovered by independent scholar Loren Christie, and the discovery of a practically unknown (unpublished) novel by Oakes Smith mistitled in the library catalog at UVa as "The Queen of Trumps."